Drive-thru season is April through December!

New web site is under development - Online store coming soon!

Visit the 1st drive-thru fudge stand in the country and experience different gourmet flavors every week! Our fudge is so soft and creamy! It’s the taste that brings you back to the times when life was easier. Our philosophy is simple–if you are going to eat fudge, eat good fudge! Fudge is an indulgence–a gift you give to yourself and others. Our goal is to leave a great taste in your mouth. From our chocolate varieties to berry recipes to candy fudge or cookie fudge, to nut lovers recipes. Let WeDo Fudge provide the gift of sweetness in your life or someone you love!

Our Top Seven Flavors…

Chocolate Walnut
Dark Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt
Dark Chocolate Pecan
Mint Chocolate Swirl
Peanut Butter Chocolate

Sucrose-Free Chocolate Walnut

If you want a flavor that you don't see, please call us and we will do our very best to create the flavor you desire!